Working on a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) team, we get to witness first-hand how netlogx can implement change, transformation, clarity, and effectiveness into a business.  However, the client team finds that it can be difficult for a business to initially see the benefit or purpose of a BPR project.  Sometimes they struggle to see how netlogx, an outside party, can walk into a meeting and “tell them how to do their job” or “understand better than those on the ground”.  Therefore, an important duty of ours is to eliminate these fears and explain that this is not the case.  We are always sure to begin each project with a conversation surrounding our purpose and our strategy.  Some key points include how we can bring change, transformation, clarity, and effectiveness into their business.

Change – We don’t tell the client what to change.  What we do, however, is show them the areas of their business that may benefit from a process revamp.  It is easy to get stuck in old ways; so easy that a business may not even see that there are more efficient ways to do something.  We are there to ask the questions that need to be asked to help them realize when their business may benefit from a change.

Transformation – We help the client transform their current business documentation into deliverables that are both current and simple to understand.  Using Visio, we can produce processes for them that do not already exist or may be out of date.  They can then use these process maps to further their procedures and training documentation.

Clarity – We bring clarity and light to the work the client is currently performing.  Although they are performing the tasks every day, it can be easy to go into auto-pilot.  By taking on a BPR project, they gain the benefit of unbiased eyes and ears, helping them dive deeper into their duties and look at things from a new perspective.

Effectiveness –  The goal of BPR is to help make the client’s business better and more effective.  We do this by using as little resources as necessary to Change, Transform, and bring Clarity to their processes.  The end goal is for the client to see a business that runs more effectively; that’s why netlogx team members are your guide for change.