Our program management services provide our clients with a global view of all the projects that are related to a specific program. This ensures that all projects are on track and helps mitigate overall program and project risk and delays.

When working in New Mexico, I am responsible for the multiple Procurement Project Plans using Microsoft Project. This is for both the MMISR and HHS 2020 Projects. These two projects and their associated timelines include the creation of RFPs with the selection and procurement for six module vendors.

Managing programs can be complicated, so organizations need to be prepared to make it simple. Milestones are one great way to simplify the process. They give you a goal to work toward and the next steps to follow.

A tip to keep your project plans current is to have periodic meetings to update the project plan and address any tasks that may be at risk of slippage. Be aware that even if you have a set timeline, milestones, and even keep to your periodic meetings, things can slip from time to time. You should be prepared to adjust your tasks, task duration, start and end dates and even their predecessors and successors along the way.

There are many moving parts that require much coordination to ensure that each procurement doesn’t interfere with another. Additionally, for small teams, it is important not to create overlapping work that doesn’t allow the team, stakeholders, and SMEs to maintain focus on the tasks related to the current project. You should immediately address any possible overlapping between projects to help maintain your overall program timelines, mitigate risk and keep your team’s focus on current tasks.

One thing I have learned, as I have progressed in this role, is that some people don’t like project planning, but there are ways to make things streamlined and more straightforward for them. Utilizing tools for both project planning and the communication of assigned tasks can help keep things moving forward and on track. One great tool is Microsoft Project, although it can be complex and take time to learn. I recommend taking classes on how to use it to its fullest potential. It is also helpful to appoint individuals who are knowledgeable in this tool to assist in managing the program timelines, tasks, possible risk and who can communicate the program status to all levels and stakeholders.

Keeping projects on track and running smoothly will help keep your adverse risks low, your stakeholders happy, and your life much less stressful.

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