As part of my bucket list, my husband and I take our grandchildren on a trip each year. This year we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. We had heard a lot about this zoo and thought it would be great for the grandchildren. At only a day’s trip away, I knew this would be a great weekend. 

It started off as a sleepover where we played games, put Legos together, and watched movies. They were so excited about this trip that we could hardly get them to wind down and to go to bed. I even had to tell them that if they didn’t go to bed, we would have to drop them off at home and they wouldn’t go on the trip. Luckily this worked! When I woke them up the next morning, they got right up to take their showers and get dressed.

Once we got to the zoo the fun began; we grabbed our map and started our journey. The first stop we made was to get some Dippin’ Dots. I had never heard of this before, but the grandchildren had insisted they were needed.  Come to find out, they are little frozen dots of ice cream. 

My husband and my granddaughter acted as tour guides as we walked around the whole zoo. It was fun listening to them direct us. Sometimes they were on the same page and sometimes their plans of direction varied greatly. My grandson and I were just seemingly along for the ride.  

After about two hours of walking through the zoo, we went to a cheetah show. It was amazing to see how fast they could run. From there, we walked some more and then the tiredness started to kick in, but there were still animals to see. I especially wanted to see the tigers, but when we went through the big cat exhibit, we were disappointed to find that there weren’t any.

After a few more hours it was becoming apparent it was finally time to go. Not only were my husband and I tired, so were the grandchildren, especially after my granddaughter ran out of pictures to take. My grandson was still taking pictures, but he was beginning to drag too. 

This may have been a tiresome day, but we made it through with lots of pictures and memories. I can mark this down on my bucket list as a success. My grandchildren are precious and I love spending time with them. This experience was priceless and watching them interact with one another and seeing their reactions to the animals is something I will always treasure.