Though an upcoming organizational change can be imperative for a company’s success, it can’t be executed effectively if team members don’t buy into the concept. Implementing an organizational change can sometimes be inconvenient and disruptive to the progress of other separate initiatives. As such, some team members could be resistant to the change, but if employees don’t follow through on the facets of the change that affect them, then it could lead to failure.

Implementing a successful organizational change management (OCM) strategy allows for a common understanding of the end goal and the reasoning behind the new initiative. A successful OCM strategy also shows how the implementation of the new initiative will change as well as improve daily operations. When employees have this kind of background information, it helps facilitate buy-in to the concept of change. Providing our clients with a strategic and methodical approach to OCM, including a plan to create buy-in, is critical for their success.

Creating buy-in is not easy, and change is not always welcome. I have learned that one of the most important aspects to facilitate change and creating buy-in is to have a strong understanding of the client’s perspective and the challenges they may face in implementing a new initiative.  It’s also very important to understand the reasoning behind the current methodology that is in place; what works about the existing method and what doesn’t? It can be useful to identify areas of a new initiative that may be open to negotiation; allowing for compromise may help ease the transition.

I am working on an OCM project that entails implementing a new software system to allow the client to better track project information, making it easier for executive reporting. An important aspect of this project is creating buy-in among all groups operating under the client. Each group has been using a different method to track project information; implementing this new software system will require each group to change how their project information is tracked and how their records are maintained.

Part of my role is to communicate with the client that streamlining the method of project tracking is the most effective way for executives and stakeholders to understand the health of the company’s work. This high-level overview of the client’s work allows executives to make more informed decisions that will benefit everyone involved at the end of the day. Understanding the clients’ communication style and adapting your methods will allow for more effective communication, which may be crucial for the success of groups having difficulty adapting to the idea of change.

Change is the result of trust, respect, collaboration, hard work, and a will to improve. Consultants at netlogx work to ensure all of those elements are in motion, creating a seamless transition from the old to the new. Contact us today!