I have a background in event planning, which has helped me a lot at netlogx. Everything leading up to a special event requires a detailed planning process. You wouldn’t expect to have a successful event if you didn’t take the time to plan and prepare for it. Taking a little bit of extra time to ensure understanding can go a long way. This can easily be applied to the work we do with organizational change management (OCM).

Just like planning for an event, when an organizational change occurs within a company there is a process to follow that will help implement and apply those changes. This process can take up a good amount of time, but looking at the big picture will benefit everyone involved long-term.

It’s better for change to happen gradually over time than to have an extravagant change occur in an instant that no one is ready for. Change overnight can be scary. That’s why it’s recommended to let employees know that a change is coming and why the change is occurring. If employees understand why the change is happening, they tend to be more willing to accept it. When a change is recognized and understood, it’s also easier to prepare for, allowing changes to occur more seamlessly. All in all, the more knowledge on the matter, the better prepared for the change to occur.

Change can be uncomfortable for some of us to experience. However, it’s also important to remember that change is inevitable. Think about it—change will happen no matter what, and it’s up to us to grow from the changes we experience, especially in our fields of work! If we look at things this way, changes in the workplace are really just opportunities to showcase our real-time flexibility as an employee.

This point of view can change a person’s perspective and in turn, increase job satisfaction. It takes hard work, but it can be done. In the words of Ryan Estis, “Growth usually requires change. Real change often requires consistent effort.”  Contact us today!