Change is inevitable, what matters is how you react to it. Or better yet, how you plan for it.

The famous netlogx words, “we help you survive and thrive in a dangerous world,” are not supposed to be scary. However, I do believe these words were derived from patterned experiences of people’s perspectives on change. netlogx has had many a front-row seat to change and how it can affect those who encounter it. Whether it be on a project or really any change-oriented life situation, there are a few basics that help get the buy-in you need in order to help facilitate, manage, and organize that “not so scary” thing we call CHANGE. 

  1. Research

Research the expected change and be able to speak to the pros and cons, definite and in-question. On top of this being good practice in general, it will show the seriousness and commitment to your involvement. With the belly butterflies already swarming, building a relationship and being prepared will help move the process of change forward.

  1. Demonstrate

Don’t say, “you’re doing it wrong,” ask, “how can we make this easier for you?” Often people get stuck in their ways. Using proactive words and finding strategies to show them the benefits of a potential change will go much further than using words that simply put down the current process.

  1. Listen

Ask what they want. Ask what they need. Be the person that listens to your client, to your friend, to your family member. If someone is already resistant to change, as many of us are, the last thing that’s going to shift these feelings is someone coming in and telling them, “this is what it is, and this is how it is going to be.” Instead, show them that you’re going to truly consider their involvement and help make the change work for them. Being willing to compromise and meet in the middle is usually a really big step.

There are many other tips for successful change; these are just a few favorites. Give them a try. I want to get your “buy-in” that change doesn’t have to be scary if done the right way. Contact us today!