netlogx Launches “Managing Change” Business Toolkit in the Wake of COVID-19

Suite of tools designed to help businesses manage change, restart and thrive in today’s new normal

INDIANAPOLIS (April 28, 2020) netlogx, a highly-awarded consulting services firm, released today a suite of tools designed to advise organizations on how to address the changes to their business due to the coronavirus pandemic and thrive in the new normal. The free “Managing Change” toolkit includes a worksheet guiding leaders through first steps to consider as they restart their business; an on-demand webinar tapping into the expertise of a senior business consultant with over 30 years of experience in business process re-engineering; and a blog post to help map out a proactive plan post-pandemic.

Following the complete lockdown of some business sectors and the changing processes being required in others, now is the time for organizations to analyze what they have, how it will be changed once the crisis abates and construct a plan for moving forward. The steps decision-makers take today will have enormous implications for employees and the overall success of the organization now and in the future. The netlogx business toolkit was designed to help leaders become innovative problem-solvers and efficiently address new, unexpected challenges.

“The economic impact of the COVID-19 shutdowns to businesses have been staggering, but now is the time to begin working toward the new normal,” said Stephanie Sponsel, operations director at netlogx. “Businesses that quickly pivot from core products and service offerings to fulfill an existing market need will find the most success. Our preparedness toolkit gives business leaders simplified next steps to start moving forward during this time of uncertainty.” 

netlogx has decades of experience consulting private and public agencies through organizational change. The “Managing Change” business toolkit provides proven, streamlined steps to create new business process models and business continuity plans to address future disruptions, including:

  • Critical steps to survive and thrive in this new economic climate
  • Ways to shift mindsets and position the business well now and in the future
  • How to restructure moving forward, including the creation of new business models
  • Review processes that will help provide clarity and actionable takeaways

To access the complete netlogx “Managing Change” toolkit, visit

About netlogx

netlogx is a highly-awarded, two-decade-old consulting services company based in Indianapolis. Woman-founded, we guide enterprise organizations as they navigate change and make it work for them by solving complex business challenges. Through our expert consulting services, you’ll know what success looks like and how to get there quickly and safely; we guide you from uncertainty to clarity. 

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