When the 2020 Wellness Initiative was introduced last December, I had this brilliant idea that I would attend a Pilates weekend on one of the coastal shores. I have been attending Pilates classes since November of 2018 at Club Pilates at the Greenwood studio. However, my idea would be an adventure for me and one I would love to do. I had begun my initial research of Pilates weekends and then before I had anything scheduled, the pandemic hit.

Due to the pandemic, I could no longer attend Pilates classes in person. And honestly, I was not motivated to do the online classes offered. Pilates had become my therapy for my mental and physical health. However, I was motivated to get outside this past spring and walk. I wanted to show the pandemic that it could not take away or restrict me from walking. I was still in control of walking as my schedule allowed it. 

So, I began my walking regime on March 13th with walking just over 10,000 steps. And I haven’t stopped walking since that time, and it has become my new therapy. On September 7th, I walked 24,581 steps which is my personal highest step count. As it turns out, I am now addicted to walking.  It has become a great therapy for me and awesome for my mental health; walking some days 3 times per day and even walking in a light rain.

For the last seven months, walking has given me the opportunity to experience the seasons of spring, summer and fall. However, fall is my favorite time of the year. And thanks to my new therapy, walking, I can enjoy fall more this year than in years past. It has really opened my eyes to all things fall. The leaves on the trees and bushes are changing colors. Another motivational factor to walking is being able to see the vibrant colors of the leaves not only on the trees but crunching underneath my shoes. One of my favorite trees is a maple tree. The beautiful red hues found on a burning bush in the fall is spectacular.  

In addition, the temperatures are a little cooler. I love wearing a sweatshirt and not getting all hot and sweaty like I do in the summer months. On my fall walks, I have been taking pictures to be able to remember this wonderful time of the year. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I have had the pleasure of my walking partners evolving. At first, I walked with my daughter or husband. And then I walked with friends. Also, I have realized I enjoy walking by myself while listening to podcasts. Before I started walking, I had not listened to podcasts. Friends had shared podcasts they listened to with me and I had seen some podcasts on social media, however, I had not taken the leap.

Walking has given me this opportunity, to expand my horizon and start listening to podcasts.  A few of my favorite podcasts are The Gift of Forgiveness by Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, Living Fully with Mallory Ervin and The Michelle Obama Podcast. These podcasts make me smile and sometimes make my cry. Most of all, they are giving me a new perspective and affirming some of my ideals and values. I thoroughly enjoy listening to these three ladies and their guests. 

I encourage you to walk this fall and enjoy the breathtaking views this time of year has to offer. The benefits of walking are boundless.  And if you haven’t tried a podcast; try one of the three I mentioned or find one that interests you. 

“Walking brings me back to myself.” – Laurette Mortimer