With the Covid-19 pandemic in full effect throughout much of 2020 and even still as of May 2021, I have found solace and energy in the great outdoors. I had never considered myself a big outdoorsy girl, but with very little freedom to do my regular exercise routine safely, I essentially forced myself to start exercising outside. Ever since I was a small kid, I was either in the gymnasium playing sports or in the weight room practicing weight training and getting my cardio in on one of the many indoor cardio machines. Yes, I enjoyed taking my 5-year-old son to the park once in a while or going to the outdoor Farmers Market but exercising outside rarely even crossed my mind. 

Then the global pandemic hit. Once I had no other choice for exercise, I knew I had to address not only the weight gain, but also had to figure out how to better manage my stress level. And yes, in case you were wondering, I was one of those people that coped with the pandemic life like much of the world did/does—with an ice-cold alcoholic beverage (or two ????) every other night. So, outside I went. I went hiking, walking, running, and even did my Nike Training app outside at a nearby park on the basketball court before work in the mornings. 

After getting those endorphins while in that fresh Santa Fe, NM air, I quickly realized how much I love and appreciate Mother Earth and all she has to offer for $FREE.99! My realization to start taking better care of myself and the place I am so grateful to call my home occurred while on one of those really great hikes –you know the ones where you feel you can do ANYTHING and are super grateful for EVERYTHING – one of those hikes. While thinking about how I could do my part to keep this planet in good shape for my son and future generations, I noticed the sunlight reflecting off of a home’s solar panels – Eureka!

I got in touch with a local solar company called Ion Solar, they provided an estimate and gave me all of the important details. My husband and I had a couple of Zoom calls with the local sales rep, Eric, and he gave us all of the information we needed to make an informed decision to purchase a solar system for our home – I am even thinking about getting a solar electric car, but I digress.  Although this process can be pretty lengthy, we are currently 80% through the installation process and we will soon be using renewable energy! Mother Earth saved me this past year, so I am showing her my gratitude by taking this first step to protect her. Thanks, netlogx, for allowing me the opportunity to share how I am making a positive impact by choosing a renewable energy source*.

*Solar energy is a renewable energy source because the Sun represents a renewable resource. The Sun is considered renewable because it is a huge and never-ending source of clean energy that could help mankind to give up fossil fuels. AlternativeEnergies.net