I would like to share a feel-good story with you; a story that could have a huge impact on someone’s life.  

But let me start at the beginning!

It was 6 years ago.  It all started with a persistent stomach pain related to an existing condition.  Surgery was scheduled as well as follow up visits, but my dad wasn’t getting better.  Throughout testing, it was discovered that he was very ill and wasn’t getting better.  The diagnosis….Leukemia.  He needed a bone marrow transplant to save his life.  He decided to enter into a trial study.  My brother and I, along with 7 of his sisters and brothers, decided to get tested to see if we were a match to donate our bone marrow to him.  Unfortunately, none of us were.  Fortunately, a stranger out there was.  His donation saved my dads life!  

During this time, I had a friend on social media who had signed up for Be the Match (bethematch.org) and was going through the actual process of donating to a recipient that was in need. It was at that moment I knew that I needed to register.

Fast forward to today…

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call….from Be the Match.  My initial registration revealed that I may be a potential match for a 48-year old lady that has blood cancer.  They asked if I was interested in the next step to becoming a donor.  To determine if I was an actual match, I needed to complete 4 additional swabs.  I didn’t hesitate.  I immediately said yes!  My dad’s life was saved by a stranger…how could I say no?  I submitted my swabs last week and will hear back in 2 – 6 weeks if I am a perfect match (fingers crossed and positive vibes).

I don’t share the story for recognition.  I only hope that I can be part of something amazing.  You don’t have to go to extremes to have an impact on someone’s life or change the trajectory of their day.  Simple acts of kindness (that seem to be diminishing) such as smiling at a stranger, paying a compliment, tucking a tag in on a shirt, conversing with an elderly gentleman at the market, or stepping on that toilet paper that someone is dragging around on their shoe).  Those small acts may have a monumental impact on their day.  

Be kind, pay it forward, and stay humble!