I have never really been into “fitness,” although I held a traditional gym membership on and off 10 years prior to having kids. I mostly did this for socialization after work, not necessarily to enhance my physical and mental wellbeing (although I guess you can argue the social aspect for mental wellbeing).

After having my first baby I did not find time to leave home and exercise, so I bought an elliptical machine that honestly collected more clothes than miles. After my second baby I tried at-home exercise programs from YouTube fitness subscriptions to Jillian Michaels to various Beachbody programs with little results. As my babies grew into young kids, I have found that I am most effective and motivated to exercise when leaving home. 

Many of my friends swore by Orangetheory, a heart rate based high intensity interval training (HIIT) group workout, but I thought it was too intense for my fitness level. I learned that they offer options for each fitness level and the first class is free, so I went to see what the fuss was about. 

Initially I was overwhelmed by the lingo and understanding the various heart rate zones but over time fell in love with the “you vs. you” aspect. Over the past year, I discovered why my previous gym memberships and at-home fitness programs did not provide the results I desired as I did not understand the science behind the various heart rate zones to achieve maximum results. I am a data-driven person, so I also love the data feature of tracking time spent in each heart rate zone while in class. Their app tracks your class results by heart rate zone graph (minutes spent in each heart rate zone), calories burned, and average heartbeat percent. 

Orangetheory is the one hour a day for “me-time” where I focus on nothing except gauging my baseline for a personal record each class. During this one hour, I focus on improving my results from the previous class I attended. In that hour I forget about the never-ending to-do lists, family, and work priorities that usually weigh heavily on me. Never in my life have I considered myself a “runner,” but the 14-15 minute block on the treadmill has me now at a “runner status” understanding what I need to maintain and/or increase my “base pace.”

Joining Orangetheory was not only good for my physical health, but my mental wellbeing has also drastically improved. My mood and stress levels have reduced which ultimately regenerates and prepares me for a productive day. netlogx is the first company where I have worked that offers a wellness reimbursement program. Having a company which values wellness by offering a wellness reimbursement program, as well as incentivizes team members to earn additional wellness allowance via friendly competitions like the water challenge and team steps challenge, encourages me to continue the membership.

Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to have some reimbursement that continues to motivate me to value my own wellbeing and continue to push myself. Orangetheory has become what I like to call my “Orange Therapy” as it saves me from potential doctor visits caused by stress. It’s also a natural mood-enhancer, improves my focus, and helps regulate my sleep cycle.