Thirty years ago on November 2, 1991, I set off from Manchester UK to go to work on a one-year contract to work as part of a team to establish an integrated client eligibility system (ICES) in Indianapolis IN. For a little context on 1991, the No. 1 song was (Everything I Do) I Do It for You by Bryan Adams, Microsoft released Word 2.0 for PC, at the movies we saw Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Hubble Telescope was launched and the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.14 in the US and 39.5p a liter in the UK!

Since making this first big change I have accepted that change is vital in both business but also in our personal lives. I think many of us can agree that the last two years have seen us all experience unprecedented levels of change in how we interact with each other. In fact, I find myself celebrating my 30th anniversary of moving to the US while being back here in the UK.  And whilst I’m right back where I started so many other things have changed, and I’ve been blessed in so many ways.

I know that I wouldn’t have made it onto the plane in the first place had I not had encouragement from my family. At the time I had friends suggesting that when the time came close family would pressure me to stay.  I knew this was not the case because we believe in taking the opportunities presented to us rather than living a life filled with regret for chances not taken.

Once I arrived, I made friends who helped me settle in; from introducing me to Thanksgiving, still my favorite holiday, to teaching me to drive on the wrong side of the road, sharing the rules of basketball and baseball, aiding me in obtaining car insurance, helping me navigate the unique nuances between our shared language, teaching me the joys of May and the Indy 500 and so much more.

Part of the reason I am back in the UK is, post vaccination, I have the opportunity to spend time with my dad, who at 89 is also working through his own process of making changes in how he lives his life. He is a very self-sufficient individual, but the time has come to make some modifications and as with all of us not all these changes are welcome. As we work through these changes, I, as his daughter, am learning to  suggest and encourage change but allow my dad to express his opinions on what will work and won’t work for him.

I am also able to spend time with both my sons who are also experiencing change. They are both at the other end of life’s spectrum and starting out in careers and relationships and navigating “adulting”. I am so proud of the men they are and after so long apart simply love to be able to hold them in hello and goodbye hugs.

Back in 1991 the loose plan was to travel around and experience the world one IT project at a time. So, while that plan evolved, I am truly grateful to have made friends who’ve shared and taught me so much, maintained close contact with my family and successfully pursued an entrepreneur’s journey to see netlogx flourish.

Finally, I am 100% positive none of the above would have been possible if when presented with “I think I want to travel” Nick Taylor hadn’t, after establishing I didn’t want a weekend break in Paris, helped me look for job postings to secure that first adventure in Indianapolis and then restructured his own career to join me for the fun. Nick, I am positive I can achieve because you believe in me.