Productive, happy days—It is all in the power of your daily routine habits.

The morning sunshine that filters into your bedroom through the blinds is one of the things that can instantly put you in a good mood. If this is not your thing, that is okay. Did you know that creating a daily routine will empower how your day will go? Creating a good mood routine is a good way to get your day off to a good start.

It is important to start your day off strong and at peace, here are some tips that you can use to empower your daily routine:

Exercise – Chose an exercise that speaks to you, you do not have to start with a five-mile run. Ease into a schedule by starting off with maybe a quick yoga flow or take a walk on the treadmill! The goal is to get your blood pumping and do something that you can stick to.

Meditate – It is time to be free from social media, email, and any distractions. Remember, this is supposed to be about empowering yourself with emphasis on the self. All you need to do is add a few minutes of peace and quiet to your day. This can be done through a meditation app, soft music or just sitting in a cozy spot you set up in your home. It is just taking some time to clear your mind.

Power – Find your source of energizing boost that helps you start your day. It can be prayer time in the morning. It can be coffee, celery juice, or spearmint tea. Whatever it is it should be part of your daily routine. It should be something to look forward to while getting energized for the day ahead.

Observe – How is your sleep pattern? Sleeping is the foundation to empower your wellness daily routine. It helps you reset your metabolism, feel more energized, and boost your mood and immunity.

Writing – Journaling communicates your thoughts on paper to better process your feelings around them. This is a great way to start your day off by writing happy affirmations.

Embrace – A great way to start your day is to embrace what you are grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude in the morning will put your attitude in a good mood.  Work on embracing the things that make you smile.

Relax – Always try to incorporate “me time” to relax into your day, even if it is just five minutes. Just sitting and doing nothing or taking a few breaths throughout the day. It is a refreshing feeling.

Understanding that starting a daily routine will empower your day. It will be so much easier and less emotionally stressful to get through the day which means less “don’t talk to me before my coffee,” less burnout, and more power to get through the day.  It will help you have a productive and happy day.