As a hopeful soon-to-be graduate from Michigan State University, the post-graduation anxiety began to migrate from a simmer to a boil. I was wrapping up my last few classes but decided to begin the inevitable job hunt in some of my spare time. Lucky for me, netlogx had a contract with the State of Michigan, and with my residence at the time being within 1 mile of the Lansing, MI Capitol, my netlogx path began with a simple, local web search.

I stumbled upon a netlogx posting in search of a Project Coordinator to work with netlogx and State teams for large government projects at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). After doing some quick research and investigating, my interest was piqued by the netlogx culture, local opportunity, and the hope that this could grow into something big for me!

It wasn’t long after hitting “Submit” that I was contacted by netlogx. Within a short time, we had many brief and enthusiastic conversations, which led to a handful of organized interviews. The outcome was a glorious one for the soon-to-be graduate, wondering what his future held. It was great to get the: YOU’RE HIRED! 

I struck an amazing chance to work part-time for the remainder of my schooling, followed by full-time employment at my time of graduation. My time at netlogx grew over the next year and a half working with the State of Michigan. I learned the ins and outs of project work, government relationships, and the idea of what a career could be. 

Even with a focus and drive in one direction, the winds can change quickly, and new paths open up. As a “newbie” to the working world, a position at a different company was presented to me. This company focused their hiring efforts on recent grads, offering a similar path of opportunities for me. It would take me out of State and flashed shiny, new-horizon outlooks that a 22-year-old might find appealing. I took the position with a “go out there and start something crazy and new” attitude, and I gained a lot from doing this. I learned a lot and met tons of smart, ambitious, wonderful people that I still talk to today.

After some time, my path caught yet another change in direction, bringing me back to MI. I naturally found myself building upon the relationship I’d left behind with netlogx. With both parties’ interests in mind, I quickly began working with netlogx on MDHHS projects again, this time as a Business Analyst focusing on Business Project Mapping efforts with a small team of MI residing team members. The transition was seamless, and I felt right back in a place to pick my career up full steam ahead.

Since my boomerang back to netlogx, I’ve been lucky enough to work on multiple different projects in various States, meet and learn from new people, and work in numerous types of project roles, boosting my career as a netlogx Consultant.

You don’t always know what paths will open up, but I’m happy with where mine has taken me so far!