A wellness program can reduce health care costs, augment productivity, and increase employee retention, providing further support for the correlation between personal health and job satisfaction. Wellness activities help employees deal with stress and can help curb chronic conditions such as obesity, high glucose, elevated cholesterol etc. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staying healthy and free from illness is a bit challenging. It was very difficult to keep up with fitness and stay stress-free, especially in the first quarters of 2021. This is because people are very much worried about the pandemic, and many are afraid to go to fitness centers and other public places.

Despite the challenges, I never gave up my daily routine of exercise. I usually work out for at least 30 minutes in my own home. Those exercises very much helped me to be healthy and stress-free in the current busy world.

Apart from the above daily routine, I used to go out frequently to parks and rivers. These natural sounds relax me because there are consistent noises with a pleasant pitch. This lowers our stress level and helps me to have good health and sound sleep.

Bijesh George