One of my favorite things about netlogx is the culture of learning and growth. I love that netlogx encourages team members to grow their skill sets and expand their knowledge.  

Back in college, I studied math and minored in computer science and had no idea what my career path would look like. However, I did know that I was interested in technology, loved learning and problem solving, and enjoyed opportunities to use my critical thinking skills. 

I originally met Audrey Taylor through my Dad, who also worked in technology. I knew that netlogx was a great company and when I heard about a summer intern opportunity, I jumped at the chance. When I first came onboard, I mainly assisted with internal office activities and ongoing operations. Partway through the summer, when a project needed some project coordinator assistance, I was given the opportunity to help out with listening in and scribing meetings. The rest of my internship flew by, and the following summer break I returned to netlogx to work as a project coordinator scribing meetings, tracking action items, and assisting with deliverable preparation.

Those first few summers were a tremendous learning opportunity for me. I remember keeping running lists of acronyms and terms from meetings that I would research afterwards. (MITA? MMIS? 834? BPR?) I am still so grateful for the many patient team members I worked with who took the time to explain new concepts and encourage me to grow. 

After graduation, I returned to netlogx as a full-time employee. Initially I worked as a project coordinator on both internal initiatives and client projects. Around this time, netlogx also launched the Fast Track Program, which provided me an opportunity to work alongside many senior consultants. This experience was truly invaluable, as it gave me the chance to learn from many of our expert consultants and provided me access to additional training opportunities and resources. 

Over the next several years, I continued to receive opportunities to move into new areas and expand my skill sets. I really enjoy the variety that comes with consulting work. Although I have been with netlogx for over 10 years, I continue to learn new things every day. All of our clients are unique, and each project has its own distinct challenges. I am excited to see what I learn next and where my netlogx path takes me in the future.