Sometimes, change seems to be the only constant when you’re running a business. From advancing technology to new processes, change is the norm for nearly every industry. Fortunately, netlogx is here to help you manage change and enhance your daily operations. Our change management consultants can help you understand when to craft a change management plan and how to implement it. Learn more about navigating change at your organization and managing it effectively. 

What Is a Change Management Plan?

Change management plans look at your current operations and anticipate how an upcoming change to your organization will affect them. They enable team members and other stakeholders to manage a change to their daily routine. These plans can include everything from organizational hierarchies to small modifications to a procedure. Change management plans are most helpful when there’s a change in workplace culture, an update to current technology, or an unexpected crisis (think COVID-19). With a proper change management plan in place, there’s nothing your team can’t take on!

What Goes into a Change Management Plan?

There’s no time like the present for a change management plan. But planning for change is more than just informing your team members and taking on difficulties as they come. As you build your plan, be sure to include the following six steps to successful organizational change

  1. Determine the “why”–Why is this change so important to your organization, and how does it align with your goals? 
  2. Think impact—Consider the impacts (positive and negative) the change could have. 
  3. Communicate strategically—Communication is more than just sending an email or two. Ensure that your internal communications are frequent and effective. 
  4. Ramp up training—Don’t expect your employees to jump on board immediately. Instead, provide them with proper training to handle changing processes. 
  5. Offer support—Your team members need support as they navigate change. But on the other hand, the changing processes will need adequate structural support as well. 
  6. Measure the results—Take stock of the before and after. How has the change benefitted your organization? Is there still room for improvement? 

Communication Is Key

Effective communication is the secret to any good change management plan. After all, communicating your goals and getting buy-in from the team is a crucial step toward successful change. As you express the business’s needs to your employees, make sure you remain consistent in your delivery and set clear expectations as the change is underway. Letting your employees know what you need will go a long way to helping them understand the need for change. Check out our tips for communicating organizational change like a pro. 

netlogx Can Help You Deliver Effective Change Management 

netlogx has the expertise you need to promote excellent change management communication. Whether you’re struggling with getting your team to buy into new processes or you want to measure the impact of a recent change, we can help. Reach out to netlogx today to request a consultation