Hacker hacking into computer

It seems like cyberattacks and hackers are constantly present in the news cycle. Attacks have become so frequent that the federal government has introduced new legislation that requires certain organizations to have cybersecurity insurance. While it can be scary dealing with these real-life threats, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself and your organization. When you have the right tools in place, you won’t have to fear a data breach! 

At netlogx, we strive to be a partner in protecting your business and creating systems that are efficient, reliable, and resilient. No matter the size, location, or purpose of your organization, it’s essential to keep your data safe. Learn more about cybersecurity, insurance, and how our team can help protect your organization against unseen threats. 

What is Cybersecurity?

According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency: 

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized, often criminal, access. This protection helps ensure confidentiality, integrity, and the safety of your organization and clients.

While the definition of cybersecurity can get quite complicated, it’s helpful to think of these precautions as keeping your digital information in a safe that only you have the combination to. Plus, these measures help protect your organization if your data is hacked and held for ransom. 

How netlogx Can Help

Defending your organization against cyberattacks should be a high priority, even if you’ve never been hacked before. Fortunately, there’s plenty you and your team can do to stay safe. netlogx offers cybersecurity consultation services and resources to help you ward off attackers.

Our complimentary Cybersecurity Assessment includes all of the following: 

  • A complimentary assessment, gauging your current cybersecurity and ways to improve 
  • A complimentary, custom cybersecurity roadmap for your organization
  • A list of recommendations and clear direction on what you need to do to protect your business 

Plus these benefits with an ongoing engagement:

  • A reliable partner that can help you maintain and upgrade your cybersecurity 
  • Cybersecurity training for the entire team 
  • Access to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3:

Shield Against Cyberattacks Today

No one wants to spend their time worrying about a cyberattack. We created the Cybersecurity Assessment for businesses and organizations that want to audit their existing setup and see how it can be improved. While we are not a managed service provider, we are business consulting experts with specialized knowledge in cybersecurity. Our team will help you and your staff better understand security solutions and how to properly manage digital information. 

Are you ready for your complimentary cybersecurity assessment? Simply fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch!