Working out what we’ve got: Data mapping and modeling

netlogx will work with you to develop a data architecture strategy. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. It’s just a way of working out the data that you have and the systems that contain it.

A data modeling approach will rationalize and unify the information that your company keeps.

By not having such an approach, your systems may develop into silos of applications. This is both costly and wasteful, as it results in a collection of dysfunctional systems and procedures all housing slightly different data.

Your company will need to spend money, time and resources to clean up, transfer and correct all of your data before you can even think of supporting your business.

That’s where netlogx comes in. Our data architects will guide you through the data mapping process quickly and systematically as they work out an inventory of what’s in your possession.

They’ll then classify and document the data they’ve mapped, making sure that it’s always referred to in the same way, too, so there’s no confusion.

Your architect will then develop a data model that you can understand and navigate. You’ll then be at a point where you’re almost ready to go it alone, so your architect will also help you by developing data flow and transformation documents.

All of this will improve the quality of your data. It’s as simple as this list of the processes we undertake for you:

  • Systematically mapping your data by gathering metadata
  • Building an inventory of your company’s important data and its usage
  • Development of standard vocabulary and classification of your data
  • Driving integration through data modeling
  • Capturing requirements for data movement

Why is data mapping and modeling a good thing?

  • It organizes your information assets into an enterprise data model that your business can understand and navigate
  • It creates a standard vocabulary for your data and processes, which the business and your IT providers can use for more effective communication
  • It employs solutions that can be re-used on projects to accelerate development and improve quality