Making sure it’s still working: Information alignment services

It’s always good to make sure everything still works as it’s meant to. With your data security solution, this involves refining your business processes to ensure that they’re well aligned.

A key factor to this refinement is working out how the processes use and produce data, whilst also ensuring that data management is effective and efficient.

When the data is processed, organized, structured or presented in any given context, it becomes ‘information’ – and it is this information that the business needs to meet its missions, goals and objectives.

We call this your information alignment.

A netlogx data architect will assess the information needs of your business. They’ll look at how it is collected, developed, stored and used.

This assessment will identify the owners, custodians and users of your data. It will document and analyze gaps, inefficiencies and issues. Our architects will then describe how to resolve these problems.

We’ll provide the expertise and take responsibility for guiding you through the project. We’ll manage and monitor, and coordinate activities with business management, subject matter experts (SMEs), contractors and business partners.

The complete service is made up of an analysis phase and a recommendations phase. Together, they form an information alignment project which will:

  • Gather and document your business’s missions, goals and objectives
  • Establish what information is used to make sure that the missions, goals and objectives are met
  • Create an ‘as-is’ process model for the business that will map which information is used by which process
  • Document any gaps or areas for improvement
  • Develop a logical data model for the business
  • Assess underlying data management processes, tools and techniques
  • Confirm findings with your business and SMEs
  • Develop recommendations for remediation
  • Develop recommendations for data management tools and technologies
  • Develop a transition road map, including a high-level timeline and deliverables

How will information alignment services help your enterprise?

netlogx will act as your information alignment services guide and ensure that you understand how your company’s information is processed, organized, structured or presented.

We’ll make sure that your data maps to your company’s objectives and processes are effective and efficient. We’ll also make sure that if we think things just need a little refinement, these opportunities are documented, prioritized and mapped to clear outcomes.