Looking after your stock: Managed data warehouse services

Technology is everywhere in business these days, and that means that data is everywhere too. It’s frequently found in silos within large organizations, which is why the netlogx specialty of managed data warehouse services can help.

We will guide your investment in these services so that your company gets more value from it than by developing in-house techniques.

The netlogx solution is kept in a stable and secure environment. The resulting analytics are available from any internet connection but are encrypted and subject to role-based security. Only the right people see the right information.

We use state of the art tools to visualize rich data and we can help employees of an organization to create their own. Performance and scalability are included in the price that you pay for the solution, with businesses only paying for what they use.

Why are managed data warehouse services so important?

A managed data warehouse service negates the need for a large team to staff your data’s storage. Your budget will be freed up, allowing your workforce to gain insights from your data rather than simply maintain it. It’s a world-class solution that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.