The root of it all: Master data management services

Businesses today deal with more data, in all shapes and forms, than ever before.

Almost every business process is either automated or assisted by technology. As well as this, there are more compliance issues such as HIPAA or HITECH to deal with too. It’s therefore crucial for organizations to break down their data silos and get a full and frank picture of the information that they hold.

And if there is an error in key data elements across multiple systems – which is known as master data – it could have significant and far-reaching consequences.

netlogx can guide your organization through the planning and delivery of a master data management implementation plan. We do this by taking the following steps:

  • Identifying the Systems of Entry (SoE) – which generate the master data. These are typically transactional source systems, such as when a customer registers.
  • Master data management tools – which look at data as it arrives and determines when updates, additions and deletions are needed.
  • Master data store – which acts as a data warehouse for analytics sources. It is also adapted to contain the history of changes in the master data.

Putting master data tools and processes in place sometimes presents a significant change for system owners. There is a perception of loss of control of the data.

The netlogx team is equipped to deal with this and approaches the organizational change by introducing master data management in phases.

Historical data will need to be matched, cleaned and, if it is found to be incorrect or outdated, disabled. We then find which system, process or data has the most value attached to it and implement it first.

You’ll see almost instantly how the success of this first phase can build momentum across your entire organization.

Why are master data management services so important?

Master data spans various systems and departments, so a strategy to look after it should be easier to start by an objective source.

The data will often impact on various areas and processes, so netlogx can leverage subject matter experts (SMEs) while at the same time not burdening them with details about the implementation.

This results in a solid foundation which manages master data effectively, whilst reserving day-to-day operations for existing staff.