Keeping calm: Crisis project management

A project, or in extreme cases an entire company, can survive or die depending on how a crisis is handled. Effective crisis project management is therefore vital.

As soon as it is recognized that the project has declined into this state, it becomes a salvage operation.

Good crisis project management is always about minimizing losses rather than maximizing gains. If there are gains to be maximized, that will come as the follow-up corrective activity of turnaround project management.

Our troubleshooters spring into action when it’s confirmed that a project has slipped into crisis. They correct errors that have been made and, as a first objective, ensure the basic survival of the project or enterprise.

They then decide its best course of action and execute it:

  • Recovery to get it back on track
  • Salvage whatever is possible after the point of no return is passed
  • Terminate and close the project

Why is crisis project management important?

Crisis project management is a specialist skill. It provides real alternatives to failure.

Our troubleshooters free your best and brightest people to focus on opportunities instead of problems. When confidence and credibility are strained, this is critical.

They also avoid drawing your people into the blame cycle. The failure to prevent crises, followed by inadequate resolution approaches, leads to excuse-making and blame. We’ll help you focus on the economic value of what you’ve got and help you learn to move beyond the crisis.

Lastly, you’ll get a rapid response and rapid results from us. We’ll take control of the project, address its problems and do what’s needed to make it healthy again.

We’ll also put in place preventative measures to keep it healthy – and we pledge to be on-site within 24 hours of an engagement agreement, with an emergency assessment and response plan following within 36 to 72 hours after that.