Stick or twist: Enterprise risk management services

There’s an element of risk in everything that we do, from crossing the road to making important business decisions. Successful organizations recognize that risk is ever-present, and they learn to master it. They take advantage of the opportunities which risk presents and they mitigate its negative effects.

Risk assessments are a requirement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the HITECH Act. SOX and other legislation require them too.

Learning where risk might be present is a foundation in the development of effective and efficient information security controls.


How do we develop your enterprise risk management services?

We don’t just guide you through setting up a risk management process. We show you how to sustain it and make the most of it too.

We conduct a two-stage risk management process.

Our risk assessment:

  • Identifies and characterizes threats
  • Assesses how vulnerable your critical assets are to specific threats
  • Determines risk by looking at the expected likelihood and consequences of specific attacks on specific assets

Our risk mitigation:

  • Identifies ways to reduce these risks
  • Prioritizes risk reduction measures based on a pre-arranged strategy

The netlogx methodology for risk management follows a Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) approach, which is sometimes called a Shewhart Cycle. This establishes and sustains continuous assessment and improvement of the solution we put in place.

This is a hallmark of information security management systems such as ISO 72000 and is universally recognized as best practice in the field of risk management.


What are the benefits of enterprise risk management services?

Running a complete risk assessment will make your organization legally compliant. You can also relax, safe in the knowledge that there is a focus on risks that are most likely and which would have the biggest impact.

You’ll know that your time and resources have been spent in the right place.