Keeping work organized: Portfolio Project Management (PPM) and PPM Office (PPMO) services

Even the best-run businesses in the world will struggle to keep track of the projects and operational changes that they are undertaking.

It’s harder still to understand how all these strands join up to become a contribution to the business and its strategic goals and objectives.

That’s why you need to be able to evaluate and rank the contributions made to your organization. Otherwise, you won’t know to where your resources are being diverted.

How do we deliver PPM and PPMO services?

Our PPM methodology is practical and pragmatic. We also utilize ppmlogx, our very own workflow and reporting service.

We capture and report the contributions that a project makes to your business’s strategic goals. You can then see an entire portfolio of change and use it to decide where you allocate your resources. This helps you:

  • Take a total, portfolio view of all projects
  • Map the contributions your projects make to your strategic goals
  • Capture projects’ progress, issues and risks
  • Take a portfolio approach to managing risk
  • Aggregate your efforts, by combining similar projects and resources
  • Drive project selection and stage-gate reviews

What are the benefits of PPM and PPMO services?

The PPM approach and ppmlogx lets you allocate and manage resources based on how they contribute to your business’s strategy.

You can also take a broader view of risk rather than just viewing it a project at a time. Your company’s management can take a similar, wider view of the changes taking place in your organization.