Delivering the business: Program management and the Program Management Office (PgMO) services

Programs and projects are similar. They have sponsors, stakeholders, defined goals and objectives. Both consumer resources, are subject to risks and constraints, and must be carefully managed to ensure they deliver what is required.

Where programs differ from projects is their absence of a defined end-date. They’re also already deeply-embedded into a business: in fact, they are the business.

How do we deliver program management services?

netlogx takes a lean approach to program management. We’re here to guide you through your business’s complex problems and drive continuous improvement that will help you get better, faster and cheaper.

We focus on six aspects of program management:

  • Governance services ensure everyone knows what they are doing and provide oversight
  • Management services drive the administration of projects and the overall program
  • Financial management services look after the program’s fiscal practices and controls
  • Infrastructure services maintain the PgMO’s technological necessities
  • Planning services deliver plans on several levels and with different goals
  • Lean Six Sigma services drive continuous improvement in cycle-times, cost and quality with discipline-led practices

What are the benefits of program management and PgMO services?

netlogx’s PgMO services will help you see continuous improvement in your company’s program activities. Your approach to programs will be more consistent and you will see a greater visibility into how they work.

Communication will improve and, most importantly of all, you will be able to take a greater control over your program’s resources and priorities.