Only when it’s right: Project closure and completion services

We won’t declare a project as complete until we’re certain that’s exactly what it is.

Our project completion services are there for when a client has difficulty accepting their project. The services are also useful for when the client may want to transition project team members to other immediate areas of work.

But the same services are also there for the nicer things in life too.

Project completions

We’ll assist your business in getting the right completion, product roll-out, start-up and commissioning activities in place, together with the right organizational ramp-up requirements:

  • Punch-list close-out
  • Managing difficult client situations

Project audits

We’ll independently review the performance of your project by looking at:

  • The current health of projects which are in progress
  • The lessons which have been learned
  • The independent validation of products and processes

Assessing whether to close a project

We’ll look at the circumstances of your project before deciding whether closing it is for the best. This might apply to:

  • Premature, perpetual or failed projects
  • Projects where priorities have changed

Project closure process

When all factors have been considered, we might find ourselves in a situation where a project faces closure.

Closing a project down must be done carefully. It’s a stage of a project that’s as important as any other, and there are major challenges that can obstruct its completion:

  • Staff may be needed for more pressing projects
  • Staff may lack motivation if a project is cancelled early
  • Poor project management can lead to a lack of understanding of project closure activities

Project documentation

We’ll make sure that you have everything you need after a project is declared complete, including:

  • Producing validated ‘in process’ documentation
  • Ensuring that project documentation is implemented
  • The development of effective archiving practices

Why are project closure and completion services important?

We understand that you want the maximum value from your project. This includes an effective and efficient closure, during which we transfer our wealth of knowledge to your people.