Going into detail: Information security forensics

When nagging doubts start making themselves heard, you need to start the forensics process before you are certain there has been a breach.

If you wait any longer, you may not be able to gather the evidence you need to handle the situation. This could prevent you from taking legal action and from guilty parties facing prosecution.

Assembling the digital facts, regardless of where they come from, will help you protect the integrity of the evidence that can help you so much.

How do we work forensically on information security?

This is a complex and sensitive situation, but netlogx is here to guide the development of your forensic capability. We will:

  • Discover your data and evidence that will assist in the electronic investigation and forensic analysis or discovery.
  • Preserve your data and documents so that in the event of litigation which requires access to such files, we know that they are there.
  • Analyze your data forensically so that we can uncover critical information related to it from the digital trail.
  • Report our findings which, thanks to our experience and credentials, means that we can serve in court as expert witnesses or special masters.

What are the benefits of information breach handling and remediation?

You have the peace of mind that the issue is in hand and that if it is required, the data and evidence that would support prosecution or legislation is ready.