Putting square pegs in square holes: Solution verification and implementation

Once you’ve followed your security road map, established that you have a potential security issue and found that there are a number of potential solutions – what then?

netlogx is here to show you how to work out which solution works for you before putting the right answer to your problem in the right place.

netlogx’ solution verification and implementation services:

Establish – what you need

Review – offers of security solutions available in the marketplace and prepare a shortlist for your organization

Investigate – how to implement the solutions on your shortlist

Advise – on the procurement strategy or other acquisition options of the solution

Develop – project plans for your chosen solution’s implementation

Perform – the implementation of the solution, including a full test

Develop – operational procedures for the solution

Ensure – adequate training is given, so everyone in your organization feels comfortable using the solution

netlogx’ network of expertise will ensure that the evaluation and implementation of your chosen security solution is carried out quickly and efficiently.