Business Security Tuning

Business Security Tuning 2016-12-05T11:01:18+00:00

Business Security Tuning is especially vital when new systems have been developed, or there has been merger and/or acquisition activity. netlogx works with the customer to identify areas which require attention to ensure that the changing needs of the business are well served by the security architecture. The netlogx security design consultant will:

  • Prepare an inventory of all current security features and products
  • Identify new systems to be integrated
  • Develop a map of business processes
  • Produce flow diagrams that show the trust levels at stages through systems
  • Validate with client that the appropriate levels of security are in place
  • Define any improvements needed
  • Work with customer team to ensure improvements are implemented and tested


Taking a total system approach to review and analyze the way technology integrates with people and processes, the design consultant will:

  • Ensure that solutions are appropriate to business needs
  • Provide a clear picture of trust levels, at all stages, within the customer’s systems and processes
  • Ensure that there is the correct balance of cost to effective, appropriate security
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions