Crisis Project Management

Crisis Project Management 2016-12-05T11:01:41+00:00

Unfortunately, from time to time projects can decline into a crisis state. At that point it is vital that effective Crisis Project Management is applied. This may well be the difference between survival and failure for the project, or in extreme cases, an entire company. By the time a project is recognized as being in crisis, the main hope is to salvage something from the effort. That said, the major objective of Crisis Project Management is always to minimize losses, not to maximize gains. Any potential maximizing of gains will typically be part of the follow-up corrective activities of Turnaround Project Management.

netlogx Project Troubleshooters are engaged when projects are in a crisis or a situation develops that requires crisis project management skills. Their value is in correcting the errors that have been made and ensuring the basic survival of the project or enterprise. They rapidly determine if the engagement to save the troubled project or business is a:

  • Recovery (get it back on track)
  • Salvage (past the point of no return so salvage whatever is possible), or
  • Termination (no hope, just perform project closure)

Once the determination is made the Project Troubleshooters will execute the chosen approach.


These specialist project management skills provide our clients with real alternatives to abject failure. Clearly they are worth a great deal if there is everything to lose. They offer many benefits including:

Freeing the client’s best and brightest people to focus on opportunities instead of on problems. This is often critical when credibility’s strained and confidence is lost.

Avoiding the Blame Cycle. Failure to prevent project or business crises and inadequate resolution approaches lead to a continuing cycle of blame and excuse making, rather than focusing on establishing real economic value. By using these netlogx services the organization has the opportunity to learn and move beyond the crisis.

Rapid response and rapid results. netlogx Project Troubleshooters will gain control over the project and address the problems and execute corrective measures to bring the project back into a healthy state. They will then apply preventative techniques to keep the project healthy. netlogx staff can be on site within 24 hours of an engagement agreement and will complete an emergency assessment and response plan within 36 to 72 hours after arrival.