Conference Initiation

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CONFERENCE INITIATION A week ago I attended the 2012 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Boston, Massachusetts. The opportunity for education was immense and my goal was to learn as much as possible and to meet many people. I was, after all, at my first conference among many industry experts and I wanted to make [...]

Intern Development Program

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The netlogx Intern Development Program is in the final stages of its development. I can see that it is improving every day, and it was a helpful experience to go through this program myself. While already strong, this program will continue to improve with each person that passes through it. From the people, the structure, [...]

Life is a Project

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I am always amazed when vendors and clients we work with shy away from project management activities and comment, "Oh, I don't know anything about that, I am so glad we have you to do that".  Well, I don't want to give away any magical trade secrets, but LIFE is all about project management and [...]

Sloppy Chips!

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Now this is hilarious…there is a new innovation in Computing know as…wait for it….Sloppy Chips. Now these are not to be confused with the sloppy chips that you can get from the fish and chip shop in my brother’s hometown of Standish. They are in fact the type of chip that may one day soon [...]

netlogx continues to grow

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[INDIANAPOLIS, IN] (August 10, 2012)—Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick featured netlogx Partner Nick Taylor on this week’s show. See the discussion on why netlogx is in Indiana and how we have become one of the Fastest-Growing Indianapolis-Area Private Companies for 2012.

Conference Countdown

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While netlogx team members have attended and even presented at conferences in the past, 2012 is a big year for netlogx with four speakers at the MESConference. In order to celebrate this coming of age we have our first booth and this has led to a fascinating planning exercise. No biggie right? We are after [...]

Quantum computing . . . the end of passwords!

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Quantum Computers are not like “normal” computers. They don’t use the transistors or chips that the machine that you are reading this blog on uses. They are designed to exploit the bizarre world of quantum mechanics and in particular these two concepts: Quantum superposition: This holds that physical systems, like an electron, exist in all [...]