At the start of 2013 netlogx attended a couple of extremely well-organized career fairs in Bloomington, at Indiana University and the Kelley School of Business. I was overwhelmed at times with the level of confidence, maturity and professionalism of the candidates. In February we conducted interviews with a short-listed number of candidates, for both the Intern Development Program and the Fast Track Graduate Program. OEnd of Assessment Daynce again, we came away from the day feeling very impressed with all of the candidates that we saw, some of whom had to fit us in between mid-term examinations!

The final step with regards to recruitment for the Fast Track Program was to hold an assessment and interview day at the netlogx Corporate Office. Personally having participated in several assessment days prior to joining netlogx, I was well aware of the potential pit falls if not conducted properly. I could truly empathize with the candidates and more than anything wanted to ensure that they all came away from the day having had a positive and valuable experience, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

Fast Track Assessment Day 2013 Candidate Testimonials: –

I can honestly say that the Assessment Day at netlogx was the most positive interview experience that I have ever had. Many team members were involved in the interview process which allowed me to get a feel for the office environment and to have all of my questions answered. Everyone who took part in the interview process was extremely welcoming.  They were willing to take time out of their busy schedules to meet the candidates, and seemed excited to be involved. This made me feel very comfortable throughout the day. – CaitlynAssessment Day in Action

 I never thought I would say this, but ladies and gentlemen, my team and I built a very tall tower using materials like marshmallows and spaghetti. The creative team challenge was quite fun and my visit to the netlogx headquarters gave me a good sense of the company’s personality. Meeting professionals who were so frank, open and eager to share their experiences and perspectives provided valuable insight into the company’s culture. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little more! –  Mariela

Our day at the Stutz Center was extremely busy, but also very enlightening and informative.  My favorite part of the day (excluding the delicious Panera lunch) was the team-building activity, where we were told to construct the tallest possible tower out of four unrelated items.  Many thanks to the netlogx team for welcoming us so openly! – John

 The fast track assessment day gave me the opportunity to meet with many netlogx employees and really experience the company culture.  Even in the short amount of time it was clear how dedicated the employees were to the company’s future and the company initiatives. – Kelsey

Assessment Day

 Second round interviews at the netlogx headquarters were a unique and truly enjoyable experience. The netlogx team was hospitable and fun, and touring the historic building was awesome. The Fast Track candidates present were fortunate to share in such a personal, inviting, and dynamic experience that was full of surprises! – Alyssa

Many thanks to all the candidates and team members involved with the day!