April 2013 marked the 15th anniversary of netlogx so it is important to take stock and look at a heart full of memories of this living, breathing organization that we are taking into the future.

I recently learned that in sharing stores, we all grow – the “old ones”, be they Irish, Hawaiian or Native American, were right. So here’s our story..

Back in the beginning in 1998, and for a few years thereafter, there was only one netlogx employee – me, BUT then, as now, there wouldn’t be a netlogx without Nick Taylor. First and foremost Nick believes in me and tells me I can do it – whatever it is, in the given hour, week or month – so I keep on doing. He has been with me every step of the way helping to creatively address the challenges that arise on any journey like this. So this starts with a thank you and a celebration that eventually we were brave enough to put all our eggs in the netlogx basket and become a company of two employees who set about building the company together.

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At netlogx we talk about aiming to be a place that builds with our team members a “relationship for life”.  To be clear, this is not chains to hold you in but a wide net that allows opportunities within, or as life changes, outside, but with bonds that remain. In this light, I want to acknowledge that each and every one who has been at netlogx, but especially in the early days, provided a unique contribution that made us what we are and so are regularly in our thoughts, but especially so at times like this.

From our kitchen table in Paca Street in 1998 on a used Gateway Tower PC to the newest expansion office space, it has been an amazing ride and one that is not over. This brings us to the heart of the journey; change is inevitable and change is invariably challenging but it is in addressing the problems and finding solutions and moving forward that we will continue to be personally and professionally successful.

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From the kitchen table I can honestly say that I did not see netlogx at 15 being what we are today. After some personally challenging years, it was in 2006 that we sat down and revisited the business plan to sow the seeds to build toward today and each team member is testimony to that vision. We’ve shared with our team members the next goal and I want to close this with gratitude for the talents each one brings to netlogx.

Let’s go forward to the next milestone!