Everyone has new experiences in their life.  Be it a new school, job, location, technology, or environment. We live in a changing world, and we have to change with it or be left behind.  How many rotary phones do you see? Cassette tapes? Black and White TVs?  Almost none of these things are still in use (except at my grandmother’s house) because we have all adapted and adopted to change (except grandma, of course.)

One of my most recent changes was to become a Project Coordinator at netlogx.  I was nervous my first few weeks.  Between training for my new job, learning the culture, remembering names, and trying to make a good impression, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I have been with the company for over five months now and can look back at my first few weeks with a smile.  I now feel like a seasoned pro, no longer a nervous rookie.

I enjoy my position and have adapted to my new work environment.  I’m challenged and feel like I’m making a difference on the project that I’m working on.  The best part of my new position has been interacting with my project team.  I have felt welcomed by the team since my first day, and my training has prepared me for the tasks that I have to accomplish. Questions are answered and help is given when needed.  It’s great to be surrounded by and work with friendly, competent, and supportive people who are all striving toward a common goal.