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Want to Get Involved in Your Community? Try Civic Tech

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Indianapolis is proud to have hosted its second annual civic hackathon in June, but let’s take a wider look for just a minute.  Indy’s Civic Hackathon was one of 106 cities that participated in the National Civic Day of Hacking.  Even several years ago, there was a “buzz” around civic innovation.  A major catalyst was [...]

The Best of Four Worlds

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During the few months I have been interning at netlogx, I have had the opportunity to experience many different sides of the company. Specifically, four different worlds in which the company operates including training opportunities, internal development projects, networking opportunities, and client work. The first world I have been able to explore at netlogx is [...]

Audrey Taylor sheds light on policy of unlimited maternity leave

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Indianapolis, IN – (August 6, 2015) – Fox 59 Indianapolis. Audrey Taylor, CEO, netlogx is featured on Fox 59 shedding light on the policy of “unlimited” maternity leave. Being a business owner and a mother of two, Audrey is well versed on juggling work and home. Read the Fox 59 news story here.

Connecting the Dots

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“Globalization is the process by which geographic constraints on economic, social and cultural arrangements recede, thus increasing our global interdependence.”  Branson R. (2007) Globalisation Laid Bare, p 39, Gibson Square, London If we stop to consider the growing connectivity between nations, beyond using silk sourced from China to create a blouse in London to be worn [...]