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Answering the Call

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I have the privilege of being a parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes (OLL) Catholic Church in the heart of historic Irvington located on the eastside of Indianapolis.  One of the benefits of participating in a city parish is witnessing the value, impact, and power of volunteerism.  Where suburban parishes may have the financial wherewithal [...]

Who’s Teaching Who?

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This past summer I was asked to manage the intern program.  I was glad to do so; one intern – no problem.  Then the company decided to hire four interns for the summer.   My enthusiasm started to waver a bit.  Sounded like a lot more time and effort involved and, oh my, they were all [...]

Hidden Risk by Sandy Beck

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Have you ever had that feeling in your gut that something wasn’t quite right with your project?  Or the nagging thought that you were overlooking something?  While an impending project risk may not be as evident as being chased by a bear, that underlying feeling of unease may be your body’s “fight or flight” response [...]