Perseverance is the intangible part of a bulwark that protects and propagates an enduring business, or family, or nation. It is made up of, in part, unwavering commitment, willingness to risk failure, and the ability to look beyond set-backs toward the goals we have set. Although the quality of perseverance itself is intangible, the results of it frequently are on three-dimensional display.

Anyone can cultivate perseverance, no matter how seemingly grave the challenge, or potentially bleak the possible outcome.

In business, as in sports, perseverance in today’s ruthlessly competitive market is frequently the decider between glorious victory and spirit-numbing defeat. We persevere in the face of those who want us to fail. We rise above short-cut-taking, holding fast to principled business practices.   We resolve to work longer, think more creatively, and go the extra mile, when it would be far easier to give up.

The relationship between perseverance and successful recruiting is clear. How often might a recruiting professional be tempted to give up during the pursuit of that perfect top-talent outlier needed yesterday? The answer to the first question might be “more often than one would think,” particularly when considering the trajectory of highly successful recruiting professionals. What would be the cost associated with such a decision? The most immediate cost is the loss of the opportunity to add value to your employer and/or clients.

What does perseverance inspire? Refined character, for one. Tough-mindedness. Enhanced desire and ability to conceive and use creative solutions. Perseverance teaches big-picture discipline, particularly in the face of long-term “tough sledding.”

Perseverance can even be expressed in the words of Emily Dickinson:

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul. And sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

~ In the end, those who persevere are those who WIN. ~