Interning at netlogx has been a wonderful experience! I have had the opportunity to work at netlogx for the last two summers in a row and it truly impresses me how committed netlogx is to their people and what they do. Last summer I learned so much and was able to experience many different aspects of the company. After such an enriching experience I was curious to see what new experiences netlogx could offer this summer and they did not disappoint. I want to highlight some of the new experiences netlogx has offered me this summer as well as some of the advantages of working for the same company again.

Returning to work for netlogx for a second summer has had its advantages. On my start date this summer I was so excited to return to all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet last summer. It is always nice to return to a familiar environment, though netlogx did change over the year I was away, the company culture and values were the same and impeccable as always. It was nice to come back my first day this summer knowing the ins and the outs of the company and the field they operate in. Due to this previous experience with the company, my onboarding and training was abbreviated which allowed for me to jump right into external and internal projects. I was able to see how my work was benefiting the company within the first week. Most interns do not have a similar experience; it takes some interns all summer before they see any impact their work has made.

This really speaks to netlogx’ Intern Development Program and how netlogx strives to make sure that there is true development among their interns. I have been impressed with all the additional opportunities that have been presented to me this summer to ensure that my experience is different from last summer and that I am able to truly develop my management and leadership skills. Some of these new experiences include having the opportunity to define, implement and manage a charitable project.   My team chose to create a school supply drive that benefits the students of the Simon Academy. I have also had the opportunity to complete billable work for multiple clients in various capacities as well as attend numerous trainings including one about how to successfully network. Overall I have been pleased with my decision to return to netlogx for another summer and all of the opportunities and experiences I have gained!