When I was very young, my sister and I would play hide-and-go-seek with my father. He was so good at the game. I’m not sure where he really hid, but he always told us that he was under the carpet. And we believed him. It’s funny how it’s possible to hide in plain sight. I think about the many people who impact my day, but go unnoticed. I don’t spend much time thinking about these tasks except when they fail to be completed; of course, then I notice that they haven’t been done. One day, I decided to look for the random acts of kindness that I was missing each day because I failed to recognize them. I wanted to acknowledge those things that are hiding in plain sight. Here’s a short excerpt from my tracking log for that day:

Act Impact on my day
Got  a hug from my son before I walked out the door this morning I felt appreciated and left for work with a smile on my face
The dishwasher at work was emptied when I came into work Someone completed a task that was my responsibility, thus allowing me to quickly start my workday
Found my favorite coffee pods sitting on my desk when I arrived to work I had a great cup of coffee and was thankful that a fellow colleague remembered that I like dark roast and made the kind gesture of putting a few aside for me
A colleague asked about my kids I was happy to know that my personal life is recognized; this really warmed my heart
The power cord for my computer was plugged in at the front desk Although a small act, it made it easier for me to move between desks at work; no need to transport my power cord back and forth
Received my morning “hello” chat from an off-site team member This regular morning communication was a good reminder and it keeps this remote team member on my mind throughout the day
Received a “thank you” from a colleague for sitting at front desk Nice acknowledgement-made me happy
Received a chat from a friend letting me know that she appreciates and loves my son This gave me a sense of security that my son is in the right place
Almost everyone on the internal team tried to pick up mail today Made me realize what a great team we have, and that I’m thankful to be part of it
A colleague jokingly told me his wish was to make me happy I loved that my morning started with a laugh at this comment
A colleague updated me on a project and gave me insight into some details I should explore I appreciated being kept in the loop so I can be effective in my job

After I took the time to review my list at the end of the day, I found myself reflecting on how lucky I am; I am grateful for the kindness that is bestowed upon me each day. Can you imagine each act as a drop of coffee? By the end of each day, I have more than a full cup. Cup