I suspect many of my colleagues learned at early age, as I did, the clichés that are often associated with the word, TEAM.  Undoubtedly, we have all heard the adage “there is no I in team.”  Coaches have long emphasized the importance of playing as a team and not as individuals players, surmising that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  The underlying notion is that there is synergy when individual teammates act in accordance with the concept of team.

The history of sports is littered with examples of how great teams defeated their more-talented competition through team work.  Remember how the outmanned USA Hockey Team beat the Soviets in the 1980 Olympics?  What about the Milan defeat of Muncie Central in the Indiana High School Basketball finals in 1954?  In more recent years, the Butler Bulldogs’ basketball teams have been fabulous examples of how superior talent can be overcome through a disciplined, team approach that has become known as the Butler Way.

Our recent team building meeting message of “One Team, One Passion, One netlogx” really resonated with me, harkening back to the basics of teamwork and embracing the behaviors of a cohesive unit.  As I consider the “roster” at netlogx, I see a group of professionals with extraordinary talent and gifts, able to produce incredible results.  In fact, I have witnessed incredible results during my tenure at netlogx these past (nearly) six years, watching my colleagues attack and solve complex problems and mitigate risks for our clients.  Amazing work!

Despite this success, I believed that even greater heights could be reached for netlogx.  Audrey and Nick Taylor, our leaders, seem to have captured a critical success factor for enhanced excellence for the company and its clients.  Interestingly, it is not a swanky new tool, a spectacular innovation or game changing level of expertise that has been identified for our continued, future growth.  Instead, it is that classic cliché of working together as a team that will carry us to our next level of success.  GO TEAM!