Our team was the Cape Campaign.  Making Hero’s out of our Clients.  My team included; Annie, Wendy, Bob, Melissa, Andrew and myself.  Annie provided the vision for our pitch to the Dragons.  Because our netlogx “Dragons” are strong believers in giving back we laid out the following pitch.  First, we would commit to the causes our clients support.  Our thought was to bring awareness to netlogx by wearing a netlogx t-shirt and cape while giving volunteer hours participating in our clients causes.  The second piece is to come up with a contest to provide services to non-profit organizations to solve problems, again giving volunteer hours.


This team building idea was great; it gave us a chance to meet with and get to know team members we do not usually work with at netlogx. Then to bring the results of our efforts together at the team event.  Everyone on the team quickly engaged and was willing to provide their area of strength to the endeavor.  We researched the use of company-provided volunteer hours and found that only 84 hours have been used by netlogx employees. Leaving 480 hours that could be dedicated to our clients causes.  The Pitch itself was intense but a great experience.  Watching the other teams give their pitches reinforced all the smart creative people we have working for netlogx.  While we did not win, we were encouraged by Audrey to create the “Cape Committee” to take the next steps to make heroes of our of Clients.