me and postcard

I have always wanted to visit the Canary Islands and more especially Fuerteventura. My family has visited the island several times and they have always thoroughly enjoyed it but my schedule never coincided with their trips. This year, however, was different. Thanks to the 2018 new netlogx post card initiative to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday and in which team members are actually encouraged and rewarded for going on vacation – it was a no brainer, I was going!


My family flew from England and I flew from Spain and my Canary adventure had begun. Now things didn’t run totally smoothly – starting with me losing the address of the accommodation the day before setting off, finding it but being dropped off at the wrong address by my taxi and finally then knocking at the next-door neighbor’s house by mistake – it all worked out though and I eventually found my family!

Jen and sand village

My niece (8) and nephew (13) didn’t know I was joining them as I wanted to surprise them and their faces were a picture when I (eventually) arrived at their door. Our “holiday home” was lovely and we made full use of the pool, hot tub and snooker table.

Fuerteventura itself certainly lived up to my expectations. It is beautiful with rugged scenery and massive sand dunes unlike anything I have ever seen.

My niece and I not only made sand castles on the beach, we made a whole sand village – including a sand town hall and a main sand road into the sand town center!

Thanks to netlogx I was able to take a much-needed break, spend some bonus, quality time with my family and visit somewhere I have always wanted to! I will never forget my Fuerteventura adventure.