Since the #MeToo movement has happened, women have been candidly talking about power and sex in the workplace.

Typically, these conversations would be considered taboo, even insubordinate in the office, especially if you were talking about a higher-ranking official in the company. No, those conversations were held for an outside lunch, or meeting a colleague after hours to discuss the latest incident. Some, unfortunately, said nothing at all.

Those days of hiding are long gone. Women have a voice and they are using it to change corporate culture across the country, especially in STEM, a male-dominated field which we’re hoping to change.

Women in Hi-Tech brought the conversation to Barnes & Thornburg to candidly discuss women’s challenges, how they can succeed within traditional frameworks, how to overcome inherent bias, and how to be agents of change for themselves and their organizations. Moderator Jeanine M. Gozdecki led three panelists – Cristal Brisco, Marian Hodges, and Candice Lange – in a candid discussion about sex and power. All of these women have backgrounds in science, finance, technology, higher education, and the law.

The panelists spoke openly about some of the struggles they’ve faced in the workplace. They also talked about how their companies handled gender equality. They wanted a strategy on how to react if something does happen. Finally, we spoke about utilizing their super powers to create change within themselves. Consider these statements;

I have the power to __________.

It requires me to __________.

My best first step forward is__________.


Women in Hi-Tech exists to change the landscape of women represented in STEM to be equally inclusive to all. This is just the beginning of our conversation, and it’s imperative for these conversations to happen in order to help women in STEM (and all) workplaces thrive. Our CEO and the Women & Hi Tech president, Audrey Taylor, continues to focus on these issues inside our company and for other organizations who might need the help to change.

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