Do the recent stories about cybersecurity attacks and holding organizations’ data hostage make you pause and wonder how secure the data at your organization is?  Hello. We’re netlogx and we are here to keep you safe in a dangerous world – let us guide you and your business to work smarter. The following information will provide a high-level explanation about one of netlogx’ core competencies: Information Security Management. This is a broad, wide-ranging topic that encompasses many moving parts; but ultimately, these parts all come together to form a strong and robust security framework for your organization.

Now, depending upon what type of work your organization is involved in, your security needs will vary. Granted, there are two core items that should be present regardless of your business practice area:

  1. Security roadmap
  2. Security awareness strategy

However, the nitty-gritty of security solution design for your organization should be personalized and adapted to include security best practices.  The security solution design will be unique to the needs of your organization – and netlogx is experienced and adept in this area.

The fundamental parts of information security are the need for a security roadmap, a solution verification and implementation plan, an end-to-end security solution design, the need for business security tuning (this is where the uniqueness of your business comes into play), and the need for managed security services. These are all items with which netlogx is more than competent and skilled– and can help to implement those fundamental parts of information security for your organization.

A more in-depth explanation of two of the fundamental parts of information security will be discussed below.

Security Roadmap:

In the realm of information security, it is critical to know where your business currently falls, in terms of strengths and shortcomings. The development process of this piece includes an assessment of the client organization in terms of business, culture, and technology to begin with. Following that, a thorough controls review is conducted, along with a complete risk analysis. These items are used to develop high-level solution options, which in turn is used to facilitate an impact review workshop for the key stakeholder(s), and ultimately the development of the roadmap itself. In order for your organization to grow and thrive safely in a world of threats to data and proprietary information, you must know where you are and where you’re going.

Security Tuning:

This is an important piece of your organizations security framework. This typically consists of preparing an inventory of all current security features and products offered by your organizations, identifying new systems to be integrated, developing a map of business processes, producing flow diagrams including trust levels, and defining improvements needed. This process has the benefits of ensuring that solutions are appropriate to business needs, providing a clear picture of trust levels at all stages with current systems and processes, ensuring that there is the correct balance of cost to effective, yet appropriate security, and providing in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions.

All in all, information security management is a vital part of your organization’s infrastructure.  We can provide assistance for you to develop and improve the infrastructure in order to keep your organization safe from risks and threats.

Hello. We’re netlogx and we are here to keep you safe in a dangerous world – let us guide you and your business to work smarter.