Integrity is a word that seems to come up when someone is under questioning or interrogation. Although integrity can be defined in several ways, as a netlogx operating principal, it is defined as “possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.” You may have seen integrity questioned online over the past year regarding the current political climate. In a nutshell, integrity is all about doing the right thing, and when everyone participates, great things can happen and disasters can be avoided.


Have you ever tried to grab a paper towel in the office break room and found the roll to be empty? Perhaps the last person was just in a hurry or didn’t take the time to notice. You would think that the last person should have refilled the roll simply because they were certain someone else will be using a sheet afterwards. Little actions, without thoughts of reward, are often signs of someone who possesses integrity. For practice, help a team member accomplish a task without being asked to and see how good it feels. Again, focus on the what the other person gets out of the deal.

The same principles apply to your personal life. We are all guilty of infractions but can easily reverse those bad habits. Earlier in the week, I mentioned having to shovel our drive because we were having a bed delivered that evening. Upon arriving home earlier that day, my wife took care of it. Not only was I happy about not having to do the chore after work, we both felt better knowing that nobody would slip and get injured while delivering goods to us later that evening.

In my opinion, more focus should be devoted towards strengthening qualities like honesty, trust, and selflessness as adults. My wife, an elementary school teacher, says she explicitly teaches these character traits continuously. However, as adults, it is just assumed that all have mastered these characteristics. For many, shifting mindsets can seem very challenging and time-consuming. Try it anyway. But the key factor here is: try it for someone else besides yourself. Don’t expect anything in return but a good feeling and I promise the shift will seem effortless.