I was first attracted to netlogx when I learned they had earned the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” distinction.  I knew they had to have something on the ball to be voted a Best Place to Work!  I started working here and quickly learned why.

At netlogx a team environment is fostered, and we truly care about solving problems for our clients that make a difference in their business and for the people they serve.  Our team mentality extends beyond the netlogx walls creating a “team mentality” with the customers we serve.  And occasionally you get that “golden project” that you know is special – the project that helps people truly in need in a very special way.

For me that project came while working onsite at Eskenazi Health.  The project was to implement a Continuous Electroencephalogram (cEEG) test capability.  I learned that the EEG test is used to diagnose very specific conditions, and that many can only be diagnosed if they occur while the test is being performed.  A normal EEG is a quick snapshot in time and is unlikely to catch more sporadic conditions.  With the cEEG service the EEG is administered continuously for a 24-48 hour period.  Many conditions diagnosed have a drastic effect on medications used to treat other conditions, so it can be very imperative to know the patient’s full condition for prescribing the proper treatment.

To make matters worse, patients who require cEEG monitoring are often in very grave condition.  Since Eskenazi did not have the service available, their patients had to be transported to another facility for testing.  For Eskenazi, this often meant putting a high risk patient in an even more tenuous situation to send them somewhere else or forgoing the testing because the risk of transport was too great.

We had an incredible team that included clinical staff (nurses and neurological physicians), the group responsible for maintaining medical equipment, billing, representatives from the medical record system, and the cEEG vendor.  Since this was a “new service,” we had to navigate the New Site/New Service process to justify and get approval for the project.  It was amazing to watch all of this unfold and be a part of something you knew was special at a higher level.

It took 3 months to navigate the New Service process and get the project approved, and approximately 6 months to implement.  The implementation went great because the team had done all their homework in advance!  And the new service allowed more patients to be served than we had even anticipated.  Within 6 months approval was given to bring in a 2nd cEEG machine so more patients could be served.

People’s lives were improved because of the small part we played in bringing a needed service to a local hospital.  Our project management processes were praised by the vendor who said it was one of their smoothest implementations to date. And that is why I love working at netlogx.  Real world projects that make a real world difference.  It just doesn’t get much better than that!