What brings you joy?

Playing music brings me joy, as well as riding my horse, Cowboy’s Artwork, or Cowley.

What are you most afraid of?

Black widow spiders are what I am most afraid of. Other spiders don’t bother me, just black widows.

What would you like to learn?

I would like to learn anything I don’t know. I am always trying to increase my knowledge and wisdom. I gather a lot of this information from the most unusual places, like children.

Who or what inspires you?

My wife inspires me because she is always coming up with inspiring ideas on how to solve or handle issues. Also, how God and Jesus move in my life is very inspirational.

If you could talk to your teenage self, what would you say?

If I could talk to my teenage self, I would say learn from all your experiences, good and bad. Also, be open-minded.

What is your favorite book or movie and why?

My favorite movie is It’s A Wonderful Life because I think it’s very inspirational that you can make a difference in people’s lives by maintaining your integrity and trueness to who you are.

My favorite book is John C. Maxwell’s The 5 Levels of Leadership because everyone is a leader, no matter who you are. In some way or form, everyone leads. Maxwell writes about how people in the consulting industry can lead appropriately to everyone, including subordinates, colleagues and those above us.

What have you, or would you, write on the netlogx Before I Die wall?

I would write “make a positive influence on as many people as I can”.

What does information management mean to you?

Information management, to me, means talking about how we receive and provide information in any particular medium we might use. The medium could be voice, paper, email, video, chat, texts or any other kind. Information management is how do you utilize, manage and protect the data, or the mediums no matter which one you use and no matter if the information is in-going or outgoing.