At netlogx, we profess our desire to help others “survive and thrive in a dangerous world.” You might be inclined to ask, what does that mean? What danger? I suspect for many of us that when we hear the word “dangerous,” our thoughts turn to the physical realm, bodily injury. While netlogx certainly assists in organizations minimizing that sort of risk, what is most often the case is the danger of failing to manage well any or all of the following:

  • Change (this, in particular, permeates all areas of the business)
  • Data
  • Operational productivity
  • Performance
  • Projects
  • Security
  • Strategic plans

The business environment today is changing rapidly, requiring organizations to be nimble and responsive to those changes. The ability to manage that change is critically important to every organization and can, quite literally, mean the difference between that organization surviving as a viable entity or not.

netlogx, in the role of trusted advisor for our clients, quickly assesses the situation and offers guidance for a path forward. Frequently, the client may already have identified the right direction to set the organization on a successful path but may not have the internal resources and time to execute their plans. With its gifted consultants, who are steeped in project management methodology and the principles of Lean Six Sigma, netlogx brings the right team together to execute the projects and plans of the client, but always through the lens of risk.

Why should you view projects through the lens of risk? While the answer is simple, the execution is difficult. Risks are what often derail a project, creating poor results, increased costs and overall frustration. Because of this, our consultants are tenacious in identifying and communicating risks, discovering strategies to mitigate those risks and ultimately, vigorously managing those plans for mitigation.

Risk is inherent in any endeavor and increases with the complexity of the environment, with such things as the number and frequency of variables (people, processes, technology, regulation and the like).  Uniquely, netlogx has developed an ability to excel in the most complex, challenging circumstances, which is a substantial differentiator to many of our competitors. Why is that? It is because the work is difficult and tedious, even for the most talented and tenured consultant. So, the dedication, determination and hard work of the netlogx consultants overcome the challenges where others might falter.

We spend our days asking, what could go wrong? William Safire, who served as a speechwriter for President Nixon, as well as former Vice President, Spiro Agnew, coined the phrase “nattering nabobs of negativism” that Vice President Agnew would deliver in describing the media. Clearly, that is not our goal, as negativism is crushing to morale and productivity. However, we must be vigilant in our consideration of what might go wrong.

Throughout netlogx’ projects, risks and issues are identified, communicated, and monitored. They are a part of the ongoing status reports highlighting the importance these factors play in the project. It is essential for the success of the project for there to be strategies for mitigating the risks that have been identified and ensuring that those strategies are executed, thus helping our clients to survive and thrive!