My experience has been wonderful because of all of the people at netlogx and I have appreciated every second of it. This experience at netlogx has helped me learn more about the business world. I love how I have improved my business skills and my soft skills. I have gained so much knowledge over this and I love that in the book we read, Professional Presence, it talked about a lot of little things that matter in the workplace. It gave me a bit of an insight into the business world.

My first week at netlogx was definitely one to remember. On just our third day, netlogx invited us for a fun day of work at the Indianapolis Speedway. This was a delightful surprise because we had been onboarding for the past three days. At the Indianapolis Speedway we had the opportunity to meet and connect with some of the other netlogx employees. It was also a chance to network and build some new relationships. Everyone there was very welcoming and kind to us. We met Pippa Mann, and we had the chance to listen to her inspiring story. Once again, this day was very exciting and fun!

I was at netlogx for far less time than the rest of the interns, but I am very happy that netlogx let me work on projects with the team. I am very proud of the work I got to do with Second Helpings. I love giving back to others, and netlogx gave me the opportunity to give back to an amazing nonprofit. Second Helpings has been wanting an online web-store for a long time now, and we finally helped them implement that web-store with the help of Colored Threads. This is something I really wanted to do because I know that our work made an impact and will continue to make an impact for them.